Sending Ads to Landing Pages vs. Your Multifamily Website

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making the case for landing pages

By sending paid search traffic to a landing page, you have complete control over the searcher’s message and action. Landing Pages can be optimized for leads and ad rank while having a lot of flexibility.  When calculating Ad Rank, Google Ads factors in expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. For example, LeaseLabs landing pages are tailored to mobile traffic, have a rapid landing page load speed, and are created with specific Search Marketer keywords in the text, all of which improve landing page experience. 

Landing pages can be updated with ease to adapt to the ever-changing advertising landscape. They can also promote specific floor plans, specials, amenities, or nearby locations based on target keywords and occupancy needs for multifamily.

paid traffic: main websites vs. landing pages

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debunking four landing page myths

1. prospects won’t fill out a form without getting more information first

The numbers here speak for themselves. According to LL’s 2019 data, ads directed to landing pages resulted in 74% more conversions at 20% less cost than those directed by the main website. When factoring out call conversions, Google Ads users were 680% more likely to complete a lead form on a landing page than the main website at 82% less cost.

2. sending more paid traffic to my website will boost my organic ranking

“Running a Google Ads campaign does not help your SEO rankings, despite some myths and claims.” – Google. Essentially, paid traffic is excluded from Google’s evaluation about organic rankings. Instead of using advertising dollars to improve your website metrics, they should be used to funnel leads to your sales team.

3. leads are lower quality when they come from landing pages

This is something your Search Marketer specialist can work with you on. Improving lead quality can come from updates to ad text, landing page text, keywords, and bidding strategy. While sending traffic to the main website pretty much guarantees a reduction in leads, it does not guarantee an improvement in lead quality.

4. landing pages don’t showcase all the amazing things about my property

Your landing page is intended to provide the most streamlined information to get the user to convert. Too much information can distract the user, resulting in lower and lower conversion rates. After the prospect has provided their personal information through a lead, your sales team can pursue a lease by further describing the full scope of amenities and features at your property.


instantly generate and convert qualified traffic with leaselabs search marketer

The Search Marketer is more than just Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management, it immediately enhances your search engine presence and visibility through paid search, remarketing, Gmail advertising, and call tracking. We optimize your budget to build a strong brand presence across popular search networks such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo – and track campaign success with conversion-optimized landing pages. Each customized multifamily search campaign comes with a customized keywords list, text ads, Gmail ads, ad extensions, and call tracking. The LeaseLabs Dashboard and monthly report offer you the ultimate in transparency for understanding your property’s paid search performance month-over-month. Designed and driven by industry experts, your campaigns are specially engineered to convert users into applicants.

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